Ollie Parker

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Kernewek Meurth

'Kernewek Meurth' is a photography project exploring place and identity. It records the bizarre and lunar like landscape that surrounds the old Wheal Maid tin mine - a relic of Cornwall's rich history in tin mining. Kernewek Meurth translates directly to 'Cornish Mars' a name given to the place due to the high levels of arsenic, copper and zinc found in the soil, staining the land and nearby lagoons bright red.

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Milton Keynes: A Village City

Milton Keynes: A Village City is a personal and research led project that explores the human displacement caused as a result of government policy. Under the New Town Act in 1919, Milton Keynes was built on top of an area of rural farmland in North Buckinghamshire, displacing around 40,000 people who lived there, affecting their way of life and identity. Through transcripts of oral interviews and original urban planning documents, this book records and preserves the stories and memories of those people whilst also narrating the changing landscape of Milton Keynes.
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HTTP: 404

HTTP: 404 is a fun, light hearted zine that showcases a series of photos I had taken on Google Street View back in lockdown. From missing limbs to duplicated heads, the photos capture the funny errors that have occurred within the 360° panoramas on Google Street View. This zine takes those images and showcases them to celebrate the humour that we can all find in errors.
Works - Photos

Top Corner

Top Corner aims to celebrate the overlooked and unnoticed design of football stamps. Stemming from an interest in football and design, this project resulted in a range of outcomes including a social media archive, a 200 page book, poster and physical exhibition.