Yalo (Huizhe) Bu

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[calming piano music]

[Loud heartbeats]

[Loud Nosie]

[disquieting music and footstep sound]

[disquieting music]

[disquieting music and footstep sound]


[Divine bell ringing]

[disquieting music and footstep sound]

[disquieting music]

[disquieting music and footstep sound]

[Dramatic raise]

[Intense music]

[Intense music speedup]

[Loud noise]


the Lucky Cat - Horror RPG trailer

The Lucky Cat is a horror RPG game designed by Graphic design students Sophie Sadler and Yalo Bu. Through the game, the myth of the lucky cat will be told. The player will be Nara Bell in the game, going on an exciting and creepy adventure to the Gotokuji temple, aka the lucky cat temple.

*This work is fiction inspired by reallocation. It is not related to any actual person or event.*

Character design & Illustrate for cut scenes: Sophie Sadler
Animation & Video editing: Yalo Bu
Game assets & General game design & Promotional materials: Sophie Sadler & Yalo Bu
Works - Photos
YaloBu TheLuckyCatPoster GraphicDesign.jpg

the Lucky Cat - Game poster

This is an illustration poster by Yalo Bu. Featuring Nara Bell, the heroin, and the Lucky Cat. With Gotokuji temple in the background. Will be used for game promotion purposes and on publishing platforms.
Works - Video / SketchFab
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[Nosie of surrounding]


[Summer Days – Hartzmann]


Put on the Noh Masks

The interactive display of the Noh masks by projection mapping is aim to share the charm of the masks that are used in the Noh theatre. The Noh masks are still, but they change expressions when you see them from different angles. In this interactive event, the student designer is connecting facial capturing with Noh masks Live 2d models. So you can see the Noh masks from any angle you like by moving your head.

Designer: Yalo Bu (https://yalobu.myportfolio.com)
Used software: Live 2d, OBS, Vtube studio, Madmapper...
Works - Photos
YaloBu Nohtheatre GraphicDesign.jpg

Introduction to Noh - Illustration

Noh, also known as Noh Gaku, is an iconic feature when talking about Japanese culture. I am trying to design digital access to Noh as an introduction for the people who are interested in Noh but find it hard to understand. The masks in the Noh theatre are something I found amazing, I call them "the eternal treasure". I am designing an immersive installation piece to showcase the introduction animation video in 3 dimensions space. This is my ongoing project so please check out my website for more upcoming creations!