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Leonor Fini Edit

Leonor Fini was one of my female role models within my final major project which explored into the forgotten and undermined women within society. Leonor Fini was a surrealist artists and designer from the mid 1930s onwards who was known to have produced paintings which explored into very mysical full of mystery and intrigue.
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Poetic Series By Madiya Jabeen


Poetry 1 – 


Big Girls Don’t Cry 

I am in a deep dark hole,

a silence in a blank space


I fall and fall down into the depths of the darkness,

where my heart burns like fire and breaks into ashes. 


Hair rises in fear of what’s to come,

As silence and emptiness fills my space. 


Tears fall and dry up into thin air like a desert with no water

Time to be a big girl now.


Poetry 2 –

Walking on hot coal 


I am a moment cleaved from our history;  

A moment once bright like the sun,

Now faded like moonlight into darkness

Look into my eyes.

What do you see in me; an empty space? 

The ash after a fire, 

blown away in the wind; a path once full of manifestation now evaporated 

I am a moment cleaved from our history;  

A moment once bright like the sun,

Look into my eyes,

I walked barefoot on hot coal, to test my faith, then flew high into the sky 

Before falling into the deep blue sea

What do you see in me now; something inhabiting their rightful space 


Poetry 3 –

A secret Agent 


You may not know her.

She was fierce.

A shadow in the light and dark.

Her smile glistened when in our presence.

She was a princess!.

A spy.

A spy princess!.

A heroine.

She glided, tiptoed and whispered through the open fields, and streets of France.

What was her name? 



Poetry 4 – (about me)


The moon and the sun


I stare.

I glare.. 

Feelings of frustration fills the air.

Sinking into a deep dark pit,

Never to return.


The once bright spark fades away in the cold breeze.

I build my own light,

a light that shines further than the sun.

A path opens, 

the path widens.


An endless road of adventure.

I walk, I sprint into the unknown.

No more sinking.

No more silence.

I stare,

I’m aware. 

Now with feelings of strength and hope filling the air. 


Poetry 5 – (about women)


We are, in the fields of silence,

you may know us. 

Your eyes and ears seep through the cracks of our walls and flow within the air,

as we lived each day.

Rising high in the ranks, we also fell into the darkness.

Our memory faded into thin air, as you stared. 

Poetry 6 – (about womens (heroines strength)


We have a piercing stare, and we burn like fire and run with the speed of light.

We have the power to make history, and we fly high into the sky, rising into space.

We are a symbol of power and strength.


Poetry 7 – (about me)


I lived under your shadow,

a presence, unknown.

Emotions intertwined.

You feel, so distant.

You once called me crazy,

you once called me strange.

I inhabited your space but,

was crushed like stone and burnt into fire.


Poetry 8 –


I am, a rebellious woman.

My heart burns like fire.

My blood is thicker than sap.

I will pierce into your gaze, and that is a fact.

Do not dodge my gaze, I am a force to be reckoned with.

Now you have disappeared into the shadows.

You step into the shadows like a phantom.

You make your move,

I strike with silence.

I am a rebellious woman,

i am force to be reckoned with.

Do not evade my gaze, you will regret it


Poetry 9 – (About La Maupin (Julie D’Aubigny) a cheeky person/swordsman/bisexual from the 17th century)

A lover and a fighter 

I attack. 

I wound. 

I am neither man or woman.

If I am neither than what am I really.

I am a badass human. 

I am the seducer of nuns, or so they say.

I do not know what gave history that idea. 

I sneak.

I am not as weak as you think.

I am not as crazy as you think.

I am a fighter, a swordsman.

I can erase you with a flicker of my sword

I have been imbued with fire and energy.

I should not be underestimated or you will live to regret it. 

Works - Photos
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Screenprinting and Letterpress

Works - Photos
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Exhibition Series - Women Fury

2 Photo Etched Pieces
1 A0 Screenprinting piece
Poetry Zine