Hannah Cowles

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Discover Verdant Brewery

Verdant is a brewery based in the heart of Penryn. The label emphasises its location and how their new tap room can be a hub for each of the communities of the town to join and meet; furthermore it highlights each of the main communities of the area subtly as a way for the consumer to connect to the brand and act as a signifier for conversation.
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Lustre Plant-based Energy

Lustre is a plant-based natural energy drink which gives you a burst of energy throughout the day. The brand promotes a natural way of life and the refreshing power from within. Bursting with natural energy and exotic flavours Lustre will brighten each day.
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Lustre Natural Energy Drink

Lustre gives the consumer a new lease of energy for the day. It enables them to improve their concentration, fitness and enhance areas of their day-to-day life.

Each character creates a personality for the can and the mood it can give the consumer, it is aimed at an audience who are searching for something new and alternative to their usual energy drink on the supermarket shelf.