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Do you have a passion for graphic design? You don't? Excellent. Viridian, yes is a studio, a publishing house, a type foundry, but perhaps most importantly, it is an intervention into what design can be and should be. You'll find no cheap Frida Kahlo mugs here, we are passionate yes, but this isn't a hobby.

Viridian was established in 2019. However, its origins are not found purely in design or in the doodles of sketch book, rather our philosophy is communication. We're not here to sell, Viridian aims to challenge traditional conventions as reflected in through our founders. Elizabeth Adrados and Finley Love, the founders, emphasise an interdisciplinary approach to design, reflecting their own backgrounds in the Humanities and Communication. Viridian does not just design, print and publish, we actively promote and provoke ways of thinking and design itself. So no, we don't have a passion for design. Do you?