Eleanor Reid

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The statistics on the fashion industry show the huge part it contributes to the destruction of the planet, and this means that design for sustainability in fashion has become essential. It is imperative that, new ways to design clothes for the high number of consumers currently buying fast fashion, and persuading them to buy sustainable clothes, are found.

Jonathan Chapman writes that, “there is little point designing physical durability into goods if consumers lack the desire to keep them”.

Consumer-product attachment is defined by the strength of the emotional bond the consumer forms with the product. These relationships form when you first buy or receive a garment, with some relationships lasting days, some lasting years, and few a lifetime. Just as in a personal relationship, our attachment to clothing changes over time. They are extensions of our continuously evolving self, our emotions, and our everyday life. There are many ways that we are able to prolong, or help to form, positive emotional attachments to clothing.

The two main factors involved in creating strong emotional attachments are memories and enjoyment.

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