Ceri Boddy

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The Lively Folk

The Lively Folk, the new generation of fruit and veg...🥕

The Lively Folk is an interactive and educational fruit and vegetable delivery box service for working families. The brands aim is to play on the stereotypes around vertically farmed food, to inform and persuade families that this new generation of fruit and veg is just as good, if not better than traditionally farmed food.
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Overlooked, a photographic publication for the nature and plant lover. Featuring dramatic photographic narratives from natures most persistent seedlings to the most weathered trees. The powerful story of telling of natures cycle of life and death, allows for narratives with battlefields, oases, protagonists and antagonists.
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Talking Teas

Talking Teas aims to bring neighbours together through their brand of tea. They travel to towns & cities providing pop up cafe experiences, brimming with conversations. The tea initiates conversations through the attached tags on each tea bag, helping break ice, jump start light-hearted discussions, and get you laughing. Alongside the cafe experience, the tea can also be found in Supermarket stores, putting the ability to start easy going conversations directly into the customers mugs.
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Swim For All

I created an awareness campaign to inform the residents of Cornwall of potential leisure centre closures. I brought this campaign to life throughout Falmouth, producing leaflets, stickers, and posters, that call for action and engagement in the Cornwall Council consultation form.