Catriona Blain

Works - Photos
Works - Photos
CatrionaBlain WALKERS GraphicDesign.jpg


A collaborative D&AD brief with George Sutton where we created a series of promotional material for WALKERS and their scheme to break the phrase ‘I’m Fine’. We created the hashtag #30DaysofTALKERS with the aim to get more people talking, laughing, and doing challenges together.

George Sutton: https://www.instagram.com/gsuttdesign/
Works - Photos
CatrionaBlain Keyth GraphicDesign.jpg


Keyth was originally a one-day workshop with Tom Heath where we all brought in an object, chose a different object and then visually celebrated it. My chosen item was a key and I took on the challenge to make it into a typeface and presented the 4 final fonts in a publication.