Amelia Johnson

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Painting of a parrot with multiple eyes

Parrot Vision

This piece explores the mutant bird, in this case, a parrot with seven watchful eyes. In my work I explore birds and the birds gaze, suggesting that they are watching us with a somewhat paranoid slant to my work. In this piece the parrot, a bird associated with domesticity and mimicry, has become a figure of surveillance, and one cannot avoid its many eyes and piercing gaze. The piece has been done using a reduction woodcut method, using a piece of plywood and 5 layers of colour.
Works - Photos
Installation shot


Harnessing the imagery of warning signs and propaganda, this installation intends to evoke a feeling of wariness and suspicion. It features various versions of five main ‘posters’ which all read ‘BEWARE BIRDS WATCHING’, in English, Turkish, Romanian and Japanese. These multiple languages intend to make it more universal and suggest a more widespread issue effecting a worldwide perspective.