Alycia Beckett

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Under Pressure

An experimental publication that focuses on fruit and flowers. Its purpose was to address a problem in my creative process, where I felt a lack of creativity and engagement throughout one of my bigger projects that ran at the same time. And so I wanted to reconnect with experimenting and craft.
Works - Photos
Images of the covers of The Umbrella Collection books

The Umbrella Collection

A collection of three books that explore neurodivergent narratives - which I noticed were barely celebrated - aimed at family units. Each book is intended for a different age. 'Rules' by Cynthia Lord (children's fiction, rights owned by Scholastic), is for ages 8-12, 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' by Mark Haddon (teen fiction, rights owned by Vintage) is for ages 12-16 and 'Diary of A Young Naturalist' by Dara McAnulty (adult non-fiction, rights owned by Penguin Publishing) is for ages 16+. The purpose of this book collection is to introduce diverse reading choices to family units rather than the saturated market of very similar protagonists. I re-designed each cover with the same typeface and textures across all of the covers to unite them and sub-branded them as the 'Umbrella Collection' to signify that neurodivergence is an umbrella of many different complex needs that can often share qualities. This is a hypothetical sub-brand for Penguin Publishing (Penguin does not own the rights to 'Rules' and 'The Curious Incident..').