Yixuan Kwek

Works - Video / SketchFab

Movement Composites

A composite of movement, objects, flutterings; a worldview.

featured works:
千丝万缕 / fi.brous
p oc k e t s
Gently Cradle

assisted filming from Sofie Parsons

music and edit by Yixuan Kwek
Works - Video / SketchFab

Going Somewhere

Choreographed and performed by
Maria Evans
Yixuan Kwek
Stella McAuley
Kiera Sanderson

filmed by Robyn Alvarez, Katie Irons

lighting design, sound operation by Jess Emily Smith

special thanks to Katrina Brown
thank you to AMATA tech, superstar lecturers, coursemates, friends
Works - Photos
Pink Going Somewhere Dance Performance

Going Somewhere by Salt Lines

Photographed by Sophie Jane Hughes