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Heart Failure - the Millennial Musical

Heart Failure is my final grad film. It's a short EDM musical that I have written, directed, edited and written the original soundtrack for. Heart Failure is a modern musical and a modern love story. The aim of the project was to respond to the pandemic in a way that didn't actually feel like more lockdown content. I didn't want to make a film about zoom or being stuck inside or having no sense of smell. Instead, I wanted to make what I wanted to watch: something upbeat and as disconnected from the pandemic as I could manage.

It turned out I wasn't the only one who wanted escapism. In February this year, we launched a Kickstarter campaign for our musical. It was fully funded in under five hours, reached the number one film project spot on the site and was selected as a ‘project we love’ by staff.

The film and official soundtrack are near completion and will be released online over the summer. In the meantime, check out the trailer and our Kickstarter campaign.
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Cool Bean

Cool Bean is the production company I co-founded at the beginning of university to fund my studies. This reel showcases just some of the work I've created in recent years at the company. I write, direct and edit all the work we make under the company name. Our focus is on work that is innovative, relevant, ambitious and instantly shareable. We've created work for clients including Heligan Gardens, SailTech, Composure, Cut By Beam and Sail Cornubia as well as 14 original short films for festivals and distribution. We've been showcased at film festivals around the world, distributed online by DUST and have generated a total of half a million views online.
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A dance film I co-directed, shot and edited in collaboration with an AMATA dancer. The project was in response to the stimulus "movement in confined spaces" and was shot in the first lockdown on Sony A7s with one light, one tripod and one mirror .
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Living Canvas

Living Canvas is an experimental animation I wrote, directed and edited in my first year at university. To create the style of the film, we photographed each individual brushstroke an artist made as she painted the picture and then compiled these images in post to create a surreal timelapse effect, as if the landscape were painting itself. The film examines our impact on the environment but also explores the theme of temporality; contesting the inevitability of time against our power to change its course.