Vincent Stevens

Works - Video / SketchFab

Future Distances

In this performance, I incorporate a sample from the 1980s band ABC. I use the vinyl acapella version of their single ‘How To Be A Zillionaire’. Although tracks about the future are often dark, I think remaining positive is vital in our current situation and as such I chose to keep the track light and more mystical inducing than mayhem inducing. I create, edit and mix-down the stems for each part of the track and then play them live in sequence while incorporating elements of turntablism.
Works - Video / SketchFab

Electric Slide part 1 and 2

For this performance, I wanted to showcase more turntablism techniques than in the previous video. I created an up-beat Breakbeat dance floor driven track which was more suited to faster scratches and cuts. I also wanted to move between genres and as such, part 2 of the performance is in the genre of Techno. I also incorporated a sample associated with early American 1980s Hip Hop in an attempt to blur the lines between time and genres.
Works - Video / SketchFab

I See.

I wanted this track to be an all-out Techno track. I have had a fondness for Techno since before it was awarded such a fitting name and find the genre inspiring and driven. It feels like a genre which is suited to electronic music live performance. There is simply more to get lost in than when comparing it to the also very good House music scene, which is perhaps best experienced in a DJs performance at a night club. I also wanted to incorporate a voice sample of my own voice. This brings a slightly menacing feel to the track at times which is a reference to classic Green Velvet tracks from the early 1990s.
Works - Video / SketchFab

Bad Boi At Heart

For this track, I returned to my age-old love of Jungle/Drum and Bass. It was this sound that helped define rave culture in the early 1990s and it is this which has helped shape much of electronic music today. I re-programed a classic Amen break sample and incorporated a bassline I thought would do the classic sound justice. I then incorporated turntablism with cuts and scratches and chose a sample that has a strong affiliation with early Jungle music to create an authentic classic sound in this genre.