Terrye Lynn Teverson

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Stories are Everywhere

Stories unearthed from some old agricultural implements found by the side of the hedge during my Covid 19 lockdown walks during January and February 2021. I didn't think I'd find a story directly linked to a famous artist.
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The Triangle at Tucoyse, Cornwall during Covid 19 walks

Between January 26th and February 16th 2021 I walked the lanes by my home and filmed anything of interest and people who passed by as a record of that time. Everyone had time to stop and chat and look at the smaller things in life. What you might call being mindful? This must have been what it used to be like before we all had cars to whizz around in. But what are we really losing out on?
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This is your space

During the Covid 19 lockdown I had fields and leafy lanes to wander around. Other people had very little space living in cramped apartments or houses in cities. The Housing Act 1985 legally defines the minimum amount of space allowed within houses. However, 3/4 million people in this country still live in overcrowded homes, as defined by this Act, helping to spread the Covid virus. I wanted to see what these spaces would look like laid out in my field and using my husband and grandson to visualise how it would feel.