Sofie Parsons

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dappled & flecked
bright oranges & almost whites
great beams across the space
touching surface, touching skin
rising and setting, guided by the cycle
the pace and sense of time
in this time of prevalent distance
we rely on the sun’s warm embrace for
we dance with the sun's touch
a duet with our shadows
the sun moves us all, unites us
brings us closer

During bizarre times this film was created as a gentle invite to notice detail, be creative and soak up the suns
goodness. A distant collaboration which sees the embrace of the sun across the UK, from sunrise to sunset we found moments, snippets of beauty. Thank you to everyone involved, the sun’s touch on your skin is my hug to you.

director and producer:
Sofie Parsons
film and movement:
Nathan Krifdom
Grace Newman
Charlotte Mereli
Sofie Parsons
Kiera Sanderson
Chrissy Warren
assistant editor:
Olivia Black
Barnaby Fryer
created for fledge fest 2020
Works - Video / SketchFab


to float
to hover on the waters edge
neither sinking nor swimming
to float you have to remain calm
not be dragged under or
relentlessly powering forward

Float is a short film made possible by Falmouth universities AMATA Edge Award. Special thanks to Kyra and Katrina for your support and guidance.

models: Yixuan Kwek
Stella Rae McAuley
Zachary McCullough
music: Jak McAuley
Kyle Seago