Sarah Jane Keyworth

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Portable Sanctuary

Portable Sanctuary.
15ft x 4ft. Canvas, acrylic, oil, graphite, wood, metal.
Installation on Porthtowan Beach, May 2021.

Searching for sanctuary in recent times precipitated a longing for utopian counter-cultural moments.

Landscape and seascape are the chief protagonists, with vestigial traces of people accessed from past memories. Fleeting moments are galvanised in memory and mined to the surface onto canvas and paper.

Previous iterations push through layered paint, eliciting a phenomenological response to effect a transcendent or spiritual state of reflection. An invitation to an experience of sanctuary.

Different Times

Spring. Summer. Autumn.
Incessant viral winter.
Anchors weighed. Bearings lost.

Neverending sun.
Melting ice cream cascading.
Thirsty, briny lips.

Calamined shoulders.
Gritty ruched cotton swimsuit.
Worth the discomfort.

Sand. Sea. Sky. Clean air.
Covid and restriction-free.
Yield to seasons past.

Works - Photos
Works - Photos
Sarah Jane Keyworth 1632 4 Jan 2021 Fine Art.jpg

16:32 4 Jan 2021

122 x 81cm, acrylic and oil on board.

Garden Paintings Triptych 3.