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Lost Narratives: Taking Steps (Preservation Now)

An experimental restoration of a 3-minute scene from Charlie Chapin’s The Pawnshop (1916), entitled 'Taking Steps’ released on 8mm for home viewing in 1969 by Walton Film. The film begins as a complete digital restoration that lessens as the film progresses, eventually deteriorating into a state of total decay. The emblematic Tramp’s decay displays the fragility of film if left unprotected. The lack of closure due to decay creates a loss of narrative to the ending of the film.

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Houses in Motion (2020)

An experimental film that explores movement, rhythm and colour, constructed of digitally manipulated still images only.

Houses in Motion (2020)

Shot and edited by
Sam Smith

Music by
Morgan Jones

Thanks to
Emily Pegg
Connor Joseph
Isabella Cavaliere
Falmouth School of Film & Television