Nicholas Read-Morgan

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Inspired by minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetics, Flatlamp was designed to take advantage of the benefits of flat packing. Flat packing allows the lamps packaging to be smaller, making transportation more economical and simpler. Attention was paid to the assembly methods used; Hidden slot joints allowed for seamless, no-tool assembly.
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The Playtray.png

The Playtray

The Playtray project aimed to create a means for children with profound and multipliable learning disabilities, to allow them to explore a range of sensory experiences as well as develop skills. The Playtray can be customised to meet the needs of the users. This allows for a child to enjoy their favourite sensory stimulation or discover new one, while also allowing independent or group play.
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Soci Bana.png


This project aimed to improve social interaction between residents in care homes. This was achieved by understanding the health/social benefits of nature as well as by taking inspiration the Japanese floral art Ikebana. Soci-bana provides residents a chance to take part in both verbal on non-verbal group activities and a base point for conversation starters.