Nella Gocal

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Astitva - 2021

Astitva is an experimental + documentary hybrid moving image installation split between 3 screens and 5 projectors. Grounded in a historical past, the film weaves together experiences of joy and safety in the daily lives of Indian transgender men, women and non-binary people through their art, performance, and journals. The combination of self-shot footage from India, shadow puppetry and abstract direct animation on super 8mm film challenges mainstream trans* narratives of trauma, pain and objectivity by handing the camera and gaze over to trans* people, and forms a visual dialogue between contemporary and past stories of gender-variance.

The project spans across social media, curation, experimental analog filmmaking and documentary work and the image above illustrates the plan for the installation.

The crew are hoping for the piece to be finished by Summer 2022, but the project itself is greater than the film.
In the future, Nella hopes to develop this idea further with his crew, and visit other transgender communities around the globe, starting with his own trans community in Poland. Eventually, he would like to create an exhibition presenting all the differences and similarities of love and joy across communities. There's something powerful about providing a space in which people can see the connections between different cultures, queer experiences and themselves.

Directed by Nella Gocal, produced by Vedha Poddar and edited by Jana Townsend-Gee.
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Untitled - 10-04-21

Exploring movement in collaged and superimposed work with hand painted animation on Super 8mm film, edited in Premiere Pro.
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Untitled - 2021

Oil pastels and charcoal.
Works - Photos

Untitled - 2021.

Flower Collage in 35mm Slide film.