Nathan Krifdom

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Level Breakthrough

A passion project made with my housemate Eva Jigns who studied Fashion Photography at Falmouth. We have worked together in the past and wanted to make something together that wasn't for assessment. We found a song we both resonated with, filmed in three days, and edited in two before our tenancy ended. The video encompasses a lot of what we talked about during the three years of uni, consciousness, struggle, perception, and what it means to experience life.
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Blurred Horizon

Contemporary dance duet created by third-year Dance and Choreography students Nathan Krifdom and Chrissy Warren.

Contemporary dance and film have been interests of ours over the past three years, so we decided to create this video for the AMATA spotlight live stream series as one of our final projects. Our idea was to connect with each other through screen whilst being physically apart. We use the themes of separation, freedom, and the environment that we are in to inspire us. We bring together an online duet with choreography influenced by this current time and our future; we are leaving university and going out into the world of not knowing what’s to come. We both hope you enjoy our work and feel a sense of connection when it’s most needed.
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I have always cared about the planet and done my best to lower my impact. After reading the book 'How To Give Up Plastic' by Will McCallum, I was absolutely shocked by the statistics and I wanted to do something. I felt a way I could help was by expressing what I was feeling through my form of communication, dance. BUCKET was a raw cry for help for the animals in the sea being affected by plastic and a wake-up call to people to realise we're next. Plastic is in our water, in our food, and in the air, we are consuming it, not just the animals.
I shared this and was asked to do a talk at my old school Frensham Heights as part of their morning talk. I was happy that this video did lead to some positive action, being able to show this and explain the reasoning behind it and statistics to a theatre full of young people was an honor.
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Lockdown one. Boredom and lack of stimulation led me to do what I love best which is creating dance and video straight from my heart to the screen. This was the result. Making this video taught me a lot about what art can be, what I can create and that simple is best. Most of the video work I have made has had a meaning or a 'deep' reason behind it, it was relieving to make something for complete fun and enjoyment, both for me and future viewers.