Natalie Bray

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Wunderkammer: Compineon

A long-running personal project about a post-human earth where nature is gone and hateful creatures thrive. Pine has spent most of his life trapped in a biome for his own safety, and after years of trying to escape his dream is suddenly realised when a creature smashes through his dome. This is how Pine meets Compa and they decide to travel in search of answers, meeting others on their journey.
Works - Photos
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The Sleepy Little Mole

2nd-year negotiated university project to design a children’s book based on a poem by William Worthless. I wanted to make 3 full-page illustrations for a children’s flip the flap book concept.

“there was a little mole a lovely chap was he
he lived in a hole beneath a great big tree
he like digging tunnels he would dig all day
kicking up the soil while going on his way
he left little hills scattered all around
where he had been digging while going underground
then when he got tired digging holes so deep
back to his little hole an then fall fast asleep” - William Worthless
Works - Photos
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St Austell Print Calendar : October

An illustration that was chosen to be in the St Austell printing company’s calendar 2022 which is a collaboration between Falmouth university and St Austel print.
Works - Photos
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Tarot Card Collaboration : Ten Of Cups And Eight Of Pentacles

A collaboration between illustration students which took place 2nd and 3rd year. These are two of the pieces I developed in my 3rd year for the project.