Mariella Dalton Hall

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Sculpture made out of hessian, jute string, giant bamboo

Video shot on a Canon UC-X10 Hi 8 8mm camcorder and a Huawei P20 phone


Teeth are a recurring symbol in my work. They represent the human element in the relationship between human and non-human. Usually, when we die we are buried. Our teeth and bones become part of the land as one. I like the idea that we become part of the earth. As TOOTH HOUSE dies, she will become part of the land.

It encompasses the theme of 'Ruination' and Entropy as it decomposes over time. Creating a relationship between the sculpture and the land it's situated, it is a ruin of Mên-an-tol. The land's rich history and mythic qualities are experimented with through the use of video and sound.
Works - Photos
MariellaDaltonHall Boob RocksMen An Tol. Shes Got Her Spell On Us FineArt Min 1.png

Boob rocks, Men-an-tol. She's got her spell on us, 2021

100cm x100cm

oil on Hessian

Combing forms and symbols, this work envelops the folklore and physical landscape of Men-an-tol. The material Hessian was used for my Tooth House sculpture.
Works - Photos
MariellaDaltonHall Trip To Tooth House FineArt Min.png

Trip to Tooth House, 2021

Work made up of 2 canvases (each canvas) 150cmx130cm

acrylic and oil on canvas

Trip to Tooth House combines the unsettling narratives that I have created in my work. Sickly pink boots and a cowboy hat are recurring symbols I use throughout my work, they embody aspects of myself.
Works - Photos
MariellaDaltonHall Trinket Boots FineArt Min 1.png

Trinket Boots, 2021

Left boot size 7, Right boot size 6.5

air drying clay, acrylic, lacquer

Trinket Boots, 2021 is part of a series called TOOTH HOUSE Trinkets. They represent repetitive symbols in my work. The split-toe boots and cowboy hat are used as an accessory in the narratives I have created. Walk in muddy boots up to TOOTH HOUSE. The gills and skeletal fish designs on the side of the boots are seen in several other works. The boots are another 'prop' that combines elements of the human and non-human.