Madeleine Stuart-Smith

Works - Video / SketchFab


Submerged is a body of work that explores the notion of experience, stillness in photography and the trace of the self in natural and domestic landscapes. It explores the personal experience of stroke-like symptoms; the loss of sensation from the right hand to cheek, followed by a temporary speech impediment.

It discusses a rupture left upon the self, together with a sense of grief and detachment surrounding the body. 

The core of the project is a Super 8 film that searches for the trace of the self throughout interior and exterior spaces. It becomes a pilgrimage of self-discovery, visiting unfamiliar locations to create a sense of longing and belonging. The film dreams of exterior landscapes, bound in the domestic, among illness and physical detachment. We view these divided and reaching worlds in desolation, and yet they provide solace. There is a yearning throughout the film because it dreams after a forgotten and lost self, leaving only rupture among these pictured landscapes.