Lucy Tomlinson

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Showreel 2021

Showcasing my skills in editing, sound and camera operation throughout.
Works - Video / SketchFab

Three Social Media Teasers for 'text me when u get home'

'text me when u get home' is a project that I have been working on since February. Below is the description of the context behind the short film, the final product aims to raise awareness of ending violence against women. The three short teasers included in this link, were created in order to build interest for the final film.

'text me when u get home'

Two days before Sarah Everard was reported missing, I was told by a male that my wariness of men when walking alone at night was ‘silly and unnecessary’. He proceeded to tell me that women simply do not get attacked in the street, and that my interest in true crime television clouds my judgement of the real world. The sad irony is that two days after this conversation, when walking home from a friend’s house at 9pm, Sarah Everard went missing. A week later, her remains were found. A stranger (Wayne Couzens) was eventually charged with kidnapping and murder.

My hope is that TMWUGH will bring awareness to the fear that a lone female feels when walking home at night. From my own conversations with men I have deducted that a large majority cannot understand how it feels. Not all men granted, but literally all women. It is not normal to clutch your keys in between your knuckles, have 999 ready to call, be ready to fight for your life and feel like you have no control when you are simply walking home. The theme of women being responsible for their own safety has become so widely accepted, that my female peers and I have developed ways of defending ourselves at all times.
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Keki Sospen's Public Gallery

A short project filmed back in May for Keki Sospen’s Public Gallery. Through its transformation of the public urban space shown (situated in the back streets of Falmouth), Sospen’s gallery reveals the ostentatious disposition of white wall exhibitions. Filmed in collaboration with students from various schools throughout the university.
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Athlete 'Environment'

A second year assignment responding to the brief of ‘environment’. Showcasing women in sport and their environments whilst training, for the potential use of a female athlete campaign.