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(Sounds of Nature)

Portrait Of Time

‘Portrait of time,’ invited dancers from around Europe to express and film themselves through individual choreographed performances. In this moving image, the dancers become trapped in a time loop. The Pandemic has warped everyone’s sense of time and how we perceive it with the constant cycle of questions around ‘what day is it again?’ Hours slip into days and days merge into weeks. Time seems to slip and blur together with no perceivable weekdays and weekends. There was only yesterday, today and tomorrow. Order is the eye of the observer and time for us is this emotional connection to the events of the world that passes and flows.

Through the platforms of social media, I connected to global performers who shared my sense of isolation. Filmed through each performer's mobile lens, I encouraged the artists to take control of their own personal stories. The grids become a metaphorical as well as a physical window to the performer’s stories. Their movements in unison become collective action and an invitation to be more than oneself.

As we move from isolation back to our communities, countryside and our urban spaces; together we are able to celebrate our new relationship to time and also acknowledge that time itself is a precious force. As we enter the new digital decades working remotely offers all creatives the ability to build a sustainable future and this project is a reminder of all that is possible in 2021.

Dancers: Sena Miyazaki, Astrid Tozer, Layna Miyazaki, Nàdia Salgueiro, Francisco Miguel, Kai Deighton, Lucy Jones, Diana-Louise Towe & Noemi Simón Couceiro
Works - Video / SketchFab
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(Sounds of Tokyo City)

Trip To Tokyo

The project ‘Trip to Tokyo’ evolved out of the ensuing isolation experienced in the pandemic. Animated postcards were created using collage to construct digital spaces that hold onto the memories of distanced loved ones. Stuck in isolation I collaged myself into Tokyo in collaboration with friends from Japan. Instead of lamenting in a time of isolation, this piece of memento took me on trips down memory lane by reconnecting with longtime friends from a place I call ‘home.’

Created by Layna Miyazaki
Images & Videos by Layna Miyazaki, Ayaha Mizumoto & Mihaela Matsutani