Lawrence Chaplin

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Harry Mackie - The Middle

Produced over the initial 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, this funky, Motown-inspired track involved musicians from both AMATA and across the country, including Harry Mackie, a long-time collaborator, and close friend. With access to the studios unavailable after our first tracking session, much of this audio was recorded remotely and produced without the luxury of Falmouth's recording facilities.
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TIKAL - Dogfight (Live Performance)

In the first collaboration with Falmouth-based band TIKAL, I recorded and mixed the live audio from this session, attempting to bring studio-quality sound to a live performance. Filmed by members of SoFT, this was a great collaboration and learning experience, and also the first major project was undertaken during the easing of restrictions around October 2020. This project gave me my first taste of live recording and helped reframe my mindset towards recording in the studio, allowing me to move away from the pursuit of total perfection and instead embracing the imperfections that make music special.
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TIKAL - Massa Man (Live at Thai Orchid)

Working with TIKAL once again, I recorded, mixed, and mastered this live session at the Thai Orchid in Falmouth, for the restaurant's contribution to the Craft Eat Smile digital festival. This was a great chance to practice recording outside of the studio and gave me the confidence to push towards mobile recording and live video sessions as a viable career path.
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Nissan Advert Rescore

This advert rescore was an attempt to create an orchestral-electronic hybrid composition, timing the audio to the on-screen events as best as possible. Produced in a short timeframe, this was a good practical learning experience, allowing me to put my composition and production skills to use in an industry-relevant context. Translating my primary skillset of studio production to a quick-turnaround advert project typical of an industry composition brief.