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Council Us Out


Also known as “Council Us Out” is a falsified fashion campaign designed deliberately to mislead the audience into perceiving an incorrect identification. Thereby, the advert seeks to purposely deceive the general public into recognising the documentary series as a physical record and response from University students who on numerous occasions have been disregarded by the government throughout the pandemic.

However, the initial purpose of the work aims to challenge today’s consumerism and fast fashion in response to the Rana Plaza, Bangladesh incident in April 2013 which on numerous occasions was neglected by the management. Thereby, fabricating the reality and authenticity of the work, ‘CUO” investigates human exploitation, child labour, modern slavery, capitalism to fast fashion which is at constant war with sustainability. Hence enabling my promo video to feature all second-hand clothing, instantly highlights the importance of recycling, reusing, and reducing waste which contributes to our environment, economy and the community itself.