Ishbel Souter

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Like a flower you’ve bloomed, from that wide eyed little girl into a wild wonderous soul, embracing life and all its technicolour, appreciating its many miracles. You’re a delicate soul, you always have been, a dreamer, viewing life with rose – tinted eyes. A vulnerability to some, but not to you. It’s what makes you. It’s in these moments you connect with every inch of your being, allowing for expression and capturings of the heart. No matter where life takes you, who you turn out to be, hold onto this. It’s one of the strongest powers we as humans can ever hold, to connect and speak the true meanings of the heart. To the soul you were, are, and will become, this is for you

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An Ode To The Soul I Have Become

Works - Writing

When I was younger I feared the future and all of the unknown, but in time learnt to accept change and in this I began to grow. I embraced life’s wonderous path, appreciating the everyday for all it was, understanding that’s everything we as humans can do, nothing more, nothing less… I don’t know where I’ll be in years to come, the life I will have built; the memories made and the people I will meet, but this no longer holds fear within my mind. It lies as a wonder, deep within my soul, an excitement for whats to come. Although I don’t know where life will lead me, its path hidden deep within the stars, I hope to hold onto all I’ve been taught, protecting this delicate heart. The heart that’s taught me the ways of the universe and all of lifes importances, embracing each and every moment in all its wonder. Here I stand, looking towards the future, full of anticaption for all I will discover. It lies ahead of me now, a golden path, beckoning me to enter and I step in. Life take me within your guiding arms, show me the world…