Isaiah Cheng

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7 Ways to Walk in A Circle (Documentation)

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7 Ways to Walk in A Circle (2021, excerpt)

7 Channel HD Video, 21mins 13secs, Colour, Sound, Loop

The work seeks to explore the way our world-at-large is represented on the digital increasingly through ‘non-human photography’, where actors like Google Street View see photography progressively detached from human vision and influence. This visual paradigm (such of the likes of Google Street View) is incredibly paradoxical - it places us in the centre, but yet any human presence is totally removed. The position we put ourselves in the digital starts to blur as we readily remove ourselves from our daily environments, relegating them to machines and algorithms.

Remapping my immediate locale, traces of human presence are littered all over, both intentionally and unintentionally, as a gesture to re-introduce/consider our position in the digital.