Isabelle Wroth

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[Intro Music]

Isabelle is sat in a field holding a mirror which shows changing images of pill bottles, water, fire and an eye

Close up of blue bells

Close up of blossom on an apple tree

Title: Severance

[change in music to a euphoric calm music]

Isabelle is making a sandwich – shown in stop motion

Isabelle walks downstairs into the lounge holding a plate

She sits on the sofa and turns the TV on

There is home video playing on the TV showing Isabelle when she was younger

[people singing happy birthday]

Isabelle has a delusion that she is back when she was little.

Sat at a dinner table where there is cake and party decorations

She dissociates and wakes up in a field

She walks through the field

She falls back to the floor


Head surrounded by flowers

Isabelle she’s a reflection of herself which she walks towards and when they touch hands, she teleports to a lake

She stands admiring the lake

The shots are distorted by factual lens

Time passes and Isabelle is back at home.

She goes to turn the light on and this is shown by hundreds of photos combined together to make a stop motion movement.

Isabelle sits among daffodils in the garden.

On super 8 film we see Isabelle playing in the garden.

Isabelle now looks distressed as she runs around the garden which is now cold and gloomy.

Isabelle sits in her bedroom having a breakdown which is shown by time-lapse.

There is then a slow motion shot of Isabelle standing in heavy rain.

Isabelle walks through a woodland of blue bells.

She holds a daffodil in her hand which then begins to die. We see Isabelle panic as she loses touch on reality. She is shown in different forms of animation.

Her Reflected self-returns again

>> Reflection: Do you blame yourself?

>> Reflection: For your situation?

>> Reflection: Your accident?

Isabelle raises her hands to show her wrist bleeding.

She smiles

>> Isabelle: Death Stands above me whispering low. I do not know what strange language she speaks but there is not a word of fear.

Isabelle standing Infront of a vast landscape

>> Isabelle: My severance from the worlds, finally and end. I am free.

[End music plays for the credits]


Isabelle struggles with isolation and mental illness despite the beauty of her surroundings and loving family. She starts to hallucinate and lose track of time as her mental health begins to decline. She travels through the countryside of Wiltshire as she loses the memory of who she is and where she is. Ultimately, she can not deal with the pain of her life and tries to escape.