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Fetishising the longing for someone.

Interest in queer space that exists in the digital and liminal.

These truths are removed from binaries and structures which derive from the physical world.

Our question is to think about what queer spaces look like in a climate of control.

What do queer safe spaces now look like? Creating a new world that provides sanctity for community, one which doesn’t have place or name.

Allowing the work to exist within its own truth.

To feel safe to explore queer love.

The poetic storytelling of digital romance – new ways of loving.

Privilege of intimate moments.

Technology distorts sexiness – bittersweet realness but not realness.

This project poses the question of whether or not predictable narratives are even attainable when we exist within the limitations of a minoritarian identity.

We are used to reduction in the form of ‘othering’.

This space is for breath.


By Georgia Sims @georgiasims_

Script by Marley-Rose Liburd @marleyroseliburd

Sound by Frazer Healey @djcronicle_official

All You Have Left of Me

3D production of two characters (myself, Georgia Sims and partner, Marley-Rose Liburd) in curated safe space environment. Through three scenes there is an expression of virtual love and language through conversations over a phone. Finally, the pair meet in the environment and share a touchless kiss in the moment of resolution; a moment that may seem predictable but not for queer representation. We are used to our narratives being minimised into trauma. This project detaches itself from saddened endings and sits itself in poetic joy.
Works - Video / SketchFab

Did you get them?

Animated GIF from film 'All You Have Left of Me'

Close up of phone and character swiping through images.
Works - Video / SketchFab

You up?

Animated GIF from film 'All You Have Left of Me'

Close up of phone screen on FaceTime with one character dancing and the other character asleep. Commenting on time difference and distance.
Works - Video / SketchFab

The Kiss

Animated GIF from film 'All You Have Left of Me'

Close up of the characters embracing in their kiss.