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The Performed Self:  Transcript & Audio Description
[] sound effects
>>: dialgoue

Opening of film:

[incoming train ringing sound]
[electrical hum]
[electrical sparks]
[passing train on tracks]
[electrical sparks]

[wind and bird chirps]

[water droplets]
[walking on broken glass]

Transition onto next section of film:

[birds tweeting]
[rain on water]
>> RUBY:
We are mindful in our journey to the point that we are mindless.
Sift away all that surrounds and you’re left with yourself.
This is your sanctuary, your garden.
Nourish it.
A flower doesn’t bloom in doubt,
Rain doesn’t fall because of praise,
The wind doesn’t fear the future
[wind sound]
And no institution can teach a bird to sing.
Light doesn’t ask for permission to shine
It is simply being.
And so are you.
[rain on water]
This place is your own.
No one else can reach it,
Nobody can touch it,
And only you can make it thrive.
Cultivate yourself, this world alone,
And you’ll be impervious to the universe.
Worry will have no grasp and stress will lose its form.
[wind sound]
Just laugh and breathe and be and feel.
The moment is a precious and fleeting thing.
Take it.

Next section of film:

[wind chime noises]
[wind chime and wind]

>>VOICE OVER (whispers):
Now it is time to come back.
Come back.
Come back.

[splashing rain]

>>VOICEOVER: You are worthy.
You are worthy.

[electrical hum]

Transition onto next film:

[fading electrical hum]
How come everybody drives so slow?
I said because they’re not in a hurry to get anywhere.
Why would they?
What’s the big hurry?
You know there isn’t a big hurry to do a whole lot of things
I mean it’s just like living
I’m not in a hurry to die
I’m going to go up kicking and screaming
But the reason why is I like that kinda thing.
I like that lay back
Because your life
As far as doing things in the city and whatever
It’s fast pace
It’s going boom boom boom all the time
and I could never commit to that.

[radio crackling sound]

Got a man in it.
He’s lying in blazing sunlight,
He’s got the glimpse of the bright sky behind his wet head
Resting on his bronzed muscular arms
They glisten with droplets of water.
Its black and white
But it’s imbued with such heat and light
You can almost smell the brine of the surf from where he seems to have emerged just moments before.
It’s a true Australian classic image.
But what’s the story behind the photo?
Who’s the bloke in the picture?
And who took it?

[radio crackling sound]

So I want to remind you
That last week
I spoke to the St Patrick’s festival organiser.
Now the festival is a virtual festival
As you know
Because of the year
There’s no actual physical attendance at any festival
But the St Patrick’s festival committee have called it a wake in Ireland.

[radio crackling and muffled speech]

Ever lasting love
That’s not talking about dying
Everyone dies.
We have an appointment with death
The richest, the healthiest
We’ve all got an appointment with our maker.


I remember taking photographs
Without having a camera.
That I framed the world in a certain way.
I remember observing
People on the bus
Traveling somewhere
And I just observed their expressions
Trying to imagine what they were thinking or feeling.

And your low tide for getting back to those tidal moorings
Twenty-three seventeen
Just around quarter past eleven.
And the nicest thing to see is
The sunset time
Now that we’ve had our jumping forward hour
Its seven forty-two tonight
So it will be light until around seven fifteen or seven thirty.
Lets just have a look at some marine
Industry news,
Oyster Yachts
Which is a well known brand for us of course,
Is to expand into an additional
Twenty-seven thousand square foot facility
Based at the high of marine power in Southampton.

[wind chimes and wind]

The Performed Self

We view ourselves through the perception of others.

This project is based on The Mirror Stage, a theory by Jacques Lacan that explores self-reflection and the idea that individuals can only see themselves through the gaze of the other. ‘The Performed Self’ is a film that weaves four characters’ lived experiences, each illuminating a glimpse into their inner psyche for a non-existing audience. The work is a metaphor for the artifice of ‘self’ and a critical reflection on the everyday performed experience.
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Documentary of The Performed Self Transcript & Audio Description


Ok so I suppose it started with quite a general idea.

I was like, thinking about people and how people portrayed themselves to others.

Whether this is online or not online, and how some people just aren’t true to themselves.

And then I started looking at Lacan’s theory, the ‘Mirror Stage’ theory,

and he basically saw how toddlers looked at themselves in the mirror and how toddlers could almost see themselves as their parents saw them.

This idea was carried through to adulthood where we see ourselves as others see us and we’re not our true self.

So, I basically created one huge fashion film which was in four segments with four different characters,

and I used reflections and windows and mirrors as this kind of thread that weaves in and out of each film.

I was able to collaborate luckily with different fashion designers.

I was shooting in London at one point,

I was doing a virtual collaboration with a girl in South Korea.

Obviously, well, half the project was filmed in lockdown but I feel like there have been loads of opportunities that have come out of this.

Like, I wouldn’t have imagined virtually collaborating before, which was really cool.

I think this is where there’s segments in my film that kind of show also what I like to bring,

which is kind of, I don’t know, a bit of fun I suppose to film.

So, even though it’s a more maybe serious topic,

I have like a poet reading her piece, but she’s in a dingy.

Or I have a model in the window but she’s wearing a Twister mat as a dress.

Do you feel like, um, what do you feel like?

A marshmallow?

You know the ‘tyer man’?


I just like these kind of, I don’t know,

Comical elements that I like to bring to the film.

Documentary of The Performed Self

The accompanying film is the behind-the-scenes documentary of ‘The Performed Self’. Here I reflect on the process of the project and expand on the inspiration behind the film; portraying how Jacques Lacan’s theory was my main stimulus. Here the viewer can get an insight into the ‘making of’ and pre-production of my final project.
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The Performed Self Audio File

The complete audio soundtrack of my film The Performed Self.
Works - Audio

Documentary Audio

The complete audio soundtrack/VoiceOver of my documentary for The Performed Self.