Elspeth (Billie) Penfold

Works - Video / SketchFab

A Walk with Shrines

Celebrating our love of books and what they mean to us. Artists and authors join together in a walk building shrines to selected books and poems at chosen sites during the Margate Bookie 2018. This film takes you on their journey through the making of the ‘ofrendas’ or offerings and the ritual of building temporary shrines at chosen sites during a walk in Margate. The film was made with funding support from Arts Council England, Turner Contemporary, Margate Bookie, Kent County Council, and Margate Festival Now.

A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and invited artists
Works - Audio

Let's Take a Moment

‘Let’s Take a Moment’, is a soundscape of a performative walk in Gravesend led by the artist Elspeth Penfold. This was part of REFLECT: Arts and Minds, 2019 a project commissioned by LV21 and Sounduk art. Artists were invited to create work that connected with this stretch of the Kent coastline in Gravesend.
Local community, visitors and artists were invited to walk with us through Thread and Word and take part in the celebration of a mindful walking event through the knotting of ropes.
As you listen to the soundscape and watch the slideshow you are invited to knot a rope as a mindful interaction with the sounds you are listening to.
The walking event and soundscape were made with funding support from The Welcome Foundation and Arts Council England.

A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and invited artists.
Works - Video / SketchFab
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A Different LENS is an interactive digital map, produced by the artist Elspeth Penfold through the artist group Thread and Word. The map uses locative media and can be accessed through a URL on a phone and also on a laptop. All you need is the link and it is FREE


“Maps are somehow shy. They tend to hide their emotional side behind their clear lines, precise points, minimalistic words, numerical data and informative purpose. But when we scratch the cartographic surface, maps appear to be impregnated with all sorts of emotions.”

(Emotional Cartography: Caquard & Griffin).

A Different LENS was produced with funding support from The Margate Bookie, Arts Council England and Margate NOW

A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and invited artists

A Different LENS

A Different Lens is a collaborative project with nine participating Kent-based artists who created entries for an interactive digital map with a focus on Margate and its surrounding area. Each artist chose a book, short story or poem written by an author who is blind or visually impaired and introduced their writing to us through a creative engagement. The project connected with how we develop creative ideas to make the inaccessible accessible. The map contains a strong audio presence as well as text and images. It is accessible on phones as a walk or on a laptop if you are unable to physically engage in the walk. It has surprise elements and hidden entries that are revealed at different times. The project includes entries by members from East Kent Mencap, GOLD. The walks make connections with how we overcome challenging events in our lives.