Dom Watton

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Notes On Decay

Growing up in a small rural village in the UK and being obsessed with hip hop and dance culture, my world is filled with contrasts. As a male dancer, I’m in love with nature but also the culture of the streets. After experiencing a number of falls and associated health challenges, I was forced to evaluate my reality and question who I am, what I believe. Stripped of my art, my community, I must begin the journey of ascending back to normality. This self-portrait film balances a rhythmical line between performance and filmmaking, a transformative exploration of the performed self.

The series of moving images adopts a musical album format referencing the soul and driver of dance; MUSIC. Yet in contrast the soundscape is sparse, emulating the tone of the locations, as breathe becomes the beat. The work seeks to rework traditional long-form narrative dance and image making.

This project is an epitaph to the past.

This is a document of growth.

From the remnants of decay.
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