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Charlotte Searle
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Charlotte Searle

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Velvet Tongue

“I have vague memories like impressions on glass plates” - Patti Smith

Our memories embossed
A faint impression on frosted glass, muddled, broken, and stuck back together with my tape
Each retelling slightly altered,
Each retelling of retelling amplified or diminished
Like tape, every rerecording, every glitch creating a new memory
Rewritten and facilitated by my fiction

Retrograde amnesia, a transient memory
Whose is it to retell, whose authorship is lost?
the document now becomes flimsy
Linear language of linear stories to export my PDF to all the clouds
When Dead, lamentation laid bare on fragmented form
Expelled from those who will sip from a simulation of pleasure

Simulacrum SimulaCum

Drunken pixels free to create new
My woven phallus oh how I will bow
Knitted morsels will submit to your infection
I will interrogate pleasure, I will lick it through the screen

Embalmed then immortalised in the digital realm
Ready to be recoded for our collective death
A crypto lesion on my neural passage

My flickering formless entity
Transcend tomorrow’s today