Calista Wild

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Chimera 1.jpg

Insect Chimeras

Afterlife myth:
When any living thing dies, their spirit is set free to roam the earth. As they do, they encounter other spirits and eventually begin to merge and fuse, growing in wisdom and divinity. Any spirit can grow into a god and all gods were once just a single spirit.

I created these sculptures as physical representations of spirit chimeras from that afterlife myth, heavily inspired by Shinto Yorishiro’s and Catholic Saint Relics. The remains I use in these sculptures were all found by myself and others on the ground and in our homes, a key pillar of my work is morality and I will never kill for art, no matter the life.
Works - Photos
Works - Photos
Mask 1.jpg

Mortentra Mask

This photograph shows me wearing a mask I made for a performance piece on the Celtic Fire Festival of Beltane. More can be found about this ritual and the many other masks created for it by following the link to the Cult of Mortentra Instagram where I have explained each detail of the event.
The point in this collective was primarily collaboration, for Beltane I set a brief where each participant created their own unique mask which leads into our collaborative rituals.