Amber Phipps

Works - Video / SketchFab

'Mirror, Mirror'

'Mirror, Mirror' presents three depths of Phipps' inner monologue and its relation to the wider world, with each panel exploring these themes to various extremes. The piece centres around the action of makeup application, whilst engaging with her own reflection. Panel one, on the left, presents an external view of events, only appearing when the intruding sound allows it. Panel two delves in deeper, beginning to grant viewers access to Phipps' unconscious, with panel three being an overwhelming intrusion into her mind.

The viewing of this video is a curated experience, edited to direct the viewer's eyes where specifically demanded, this action being assisted with the use of 4D audio. By having different sounds playing in opposite ears, the left being a breath of normalcy and the right, a heightened distorted version of reality, to accompany the already surreal imagery, it simulates an observation into the potency of Phipps' internal monologue, only allowing for escape in the limited displays of the third-person narrative.
Works - Video / SketchFab

'Breaking the Third Wall'

‘Breaking the Third Wall’ explores the process of projection involving Phipps and a mirror, showing the interaction that the mirror has in forming her defence mechanism. This being the pushing of insecurities into the back of her unconscious, demonstrated through the motion of Phipps' character passing through the central mirror, and their interactions with the mirror instantly switching.
Works - Video / SketchFab
‘Through the Looking Glass’ breathes life into the characterisation of Phipps' reflection, enhancing and acknowledging its existence. Whilst her reflection exists within the other pieces, none truly address it as a whole being. This video seeks to correct that and does so by animating the still images of Phipps' reflection, creating a new level of interaction between the viewer and her reflected self.
Works - Photos
Amber Phipps Still Looking Through The Glass BA Photography.jpg

'Still Looking Through the Glass'

‘Still Looking Through the Glass’ is a capture of the inside of Phipps' mirror, where her reflection is held. In the pieces, we see Phipps' reflection staring out through the glass of the mirror, back at the viewer, creating an intense level of confrontation as for once, we feel as though the reflection is actually watching us back