Alice Dudley

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Alice Dudley - Merry Go Round (Official Music Video)

a cyclical practice

a fusion of art and music
a broken narrative

a venture into the non-standard

an element of ambiguity

a fascination with circles, repetition, and looping

a deep sense of nostalgia
a half-remembered dream
a longing for better times

a flickering image

a lasting impression
a cyclical practice
Works - Photos
Tate Single.jpg

'A Sense of Place' (Abstract Embroidery)

How do you connect to a landscape you are not present in?

An immense feeling of nostalgia
A revisiting of surroundings
A revisiting of processes previously left behind

An abstraction of a memory
A combination of intention and accident
A feeling of walking old paths once more

Works - Photos
Merry Go Round Stills.jpg

'Merry Go Round' (Super 8 Stills)

Works - Photos
Merry Go Round.jpg

'Merry Go Round' (Abstract Embroidery)

Works - Photos
Alice 3.jpg

'Merry Go Round' (Super 8 Stills)