Alexander Milchev

Works - Video / SketchFab

A Couple of Cacophonies

The film is inspired by an ongoing curiosity about the present moment in immediate, ahistorical sense. Inasmuch as being considered storytelling, cinema aims to detach the viewer from his immediate present. It is often regarded as a form of escapism. Yet I believe cinema has the power to enhance the present as well. It can do so by being the present, by being an experience. ”A Couple of Cacophony” aims to be such experience by overtly confronting the visual and auditory senses of the viewer. Instead of relocation in a different (story) world, it aims to provoke a perceptual and, essentially, conscious response now. Even a negative reaction, e.g. if the film is found to be too aggressive, would be a sign of conscious nowness.

"A Couple of Cacophonies" is best experienced in darkness and with headphones.